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Updated: Apr 30, 2022

The Christie® Eclipse is a game-changing 6DLP® 4K HDR RGB pure laser projector. It outperforms all other home theater displays, across all formats, offering the best video performance on the market today. In short, the Christie Eclipse is The World’s Best Video Display.


Utilizing patented proprietary dual DMDs 6DLP technology Eclipse achieves pixel level luminance control, as per emissive displays such as OLED TV, but with projection. The result is literally OLED level contrast and black performance, but without OLED's brightness limitations, without OLED’s widely despised Auto Brightness Limiter (ABL), and none of its other issues, such as uniformity issues and near black performance issues.

The Christie Eclipse officially launched last September at CEDIA 2021. The first production run has now been completed and the first installations into home theaters worldwide will be happening very shortly. We measured a Christie Eclipse. It’s full range native contrast measurements are totally nuts and off the charts as compared with other home theater projectors. Christie’s specification for the Eclipse cites a native ON/OFF contrast and peak dynamic range of 20,000,000:1. We measured 26,556,000:1. As such the measurements have surpassed expectations. Coupled with massively superior color performance, with color gamut approaching the full BT.2020 color space at 12-bit color depth; plus razor sharp pixel perfect delineation across all pixels, yielding an unrivalled degree of detail; in combination with the ultimate HDR, gaming, and 3D experience, Christie Eclipse truly redefines the home theater experience and sets a new reference standard of Everest proportions. Without a doubt it is The World’s Best Video Display.

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