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The London Factory Theater


• Rated as “The Best Home Cinema in the UK” at the time by multiple independent AV professional resources.

• An exceptionally high-end Dolby Atmos audio system by Steinway & Sons.

• Custom-programming.

• 14ft / 4.3m wide 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio Constant Image Height (CIH) projection screen. With 4-way automated masking.

• 15.5ft / 4.7m wide Automated Artwork Screen Cover; with printed ‘Toy Story’ vector artwork; illuminated via specialist Optical Framing Projection Lighting.

• Flagship Sony Projector

• In-room lighting by the same brand of lighting that features within commercial Dolby Cinemas and IMAX theaters.

• Our Absolute Ultimate Fiber Optic Star Ceilings with Shooting Stars.

• Automated control system by Control4. Custom programmed according to our particular specifications. Featuring control via dockable iPad plus Phone App.

• Perfectly optimized blacked out environment. The entire room has been finished in the blackest least light reflective fabric material in the world, and the blackest least light reflective carpet and rugs, yielding a total absence of environmental reflections for maximum immersion and optimum video performance.

• Perfectly silenced room. All AV equipment is situated within a different room than the theater, with the projector projecting through a port glass situated within the center of the back wall, comprising specialist non-reflective clear optical pane of glass by Edmund Optics. Doors comprise the same acoustic doorsets that are used for sound-proofing in professional recording studios. The background noise floor of the room is so deathly quiet that it literally cannot be measured, because it is below the minimum threshold of professional SPL meters.


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